e-closion Prestige

A Unique Solution for a Tailor-Made Website.

Performance-Oriented Website

In line with your business goals, we develop a unique website designed to attract potential customers, efficiently identify qualified leads and generate maximum conversions. The Prestige solution includes strategic support throughout the design of your site. Our goal is to improve your performance, improve ergonomics for your users and optimize your visibility.

Boost Your Efficiency

Integrate unique industry tools

Our expertise acquired from real estate leaders has led to the development of several unique tools that centralize your efforts and free you from recurring activities. The performance of these features will lighten your daily administrative tasks, saving you time and letting you focus on creating new business opportunities!

Exclusive dashboard

A dashboard including important statistics of your website is available in your administration.

Open house

Show open house visit schedules and let your visitors save the time and date on their smartphone.


Our copywriters work with you to create powerful, web-optimized content.

Real estate projects

Pique your client’s curiosity about new construction projects with a dedicated section.

Career section

Stimulate recruitment and attract the best talent to grow your team.

Automated reports

In just a few clicks, automatically get your visit and activity reports, all at the same place.

These Exclusive Features added to Our Base Functionalities:

Centris Synchronization

Avoid doing the same work twice with the real-time transfer of your listings.

Interactive Map

Facilitate the tracking of your listings by directing the potential customer’s attention to their geographic location.

Content Manager

Have full control over the content of your website and make changes easily.

Detailed Property Sheets

Highlight the available properties with sophisticated detail sheets.

Advanced Search

Help each visitor quickly identify properties that match their needs.

Bilingual Website

Broaden your potential client base by displaying your services in French and English.

Expert Features

Position yourself as an advisor and a leader in the real estate industry by adding value-added features.

Acquisition Forms

Relevant forms are embedded on your site to promote conversions.