Carole & Tony

In the heart of your neighborhood since 1986

For this team of experienced brokers from Laval, we have implemented a brand strategy that includes competitive intelligence in order to better position them against the competition. We have created a unique sales proposition “At the heart of your neighborhood since 1986” to mark the reputation of the team in the sector. We then produced a new brand image including a logo, a visual identity including a colour palette and the fonts to be used in its communications, and produced a folder used by the team in its client communications. Finally, we have created a Prestige website that highlights the neighborhoods in which the team operates and set in place tools that offer a great conversion rate.
Carole & Tony was one of the first real estate teams to see the light of day in Quebec in 1986. Year after year, the team ranks among the best brokers in the province. Its numerous successes and its constant growing notoriety positions this team as a reference in the Sainte-Rose, Champfleury, Val / Jardins Ste-Rose, Renaissance and Vieux Sainte-Rose neighborhoods. Carole & Tony are surrounded by passionate professionals who have customer satisfaction at heart and have grown over the years to offer a better service to its clients. Carole & Tony have at heart the satisfaction of their customers with whom they collaborate and ensure the success of each project they undertake by offering an incomparable personalized service.

Our work for Carole & Tony

Strategy and branding

Strategy, unique selling proposition and new visuel identity.

Prestige website

Creation of a personalized website optimized for conversion.

Search engine optimization

Strategic positioning of the website according to the market.

Copywriting and Translation

Smart copywriting that captivates your audience.