Claude Vallée

Realize the importance of being well accompanied

Claude Vallée wanted to put forward the great expertise he has acquired over the years in Boucherville. The new website presents in detail the points of interest, the quality of life and the activities of each sector of the city. In addition, demographic details such as age groups, languages spoken and the number of people in an average household are included on these pages so that clients can make an informed decision. The new site also offers tools such as property alerts and market value estimates. A video showcasing the charms of Boucherville greets users as they enter the new website.
Since 2004, Claude Vallée has been one of Boucherville’s leading brokers. In nearly 20 years, he has helped more than 1500 clients realize their real estate projects. Claude’s mission is to offer them customized services, perfectly adapted to their needs. He invests himself with determination and is personally involved at every stage, from the first meeting to the visit with the notary. His expertise, know-how, transparency and great availability have contributed to building the reputation of excellence he enjoys and have fuelled the confidence of his clients, who do not hesitate to refer their friends or family members to him.

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