Équipe Bourdon

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For this third collaboration with Marc-André Bourdon, our team has set up a website highlighting all the prestige of the properties offered by this team of brokers. Three main call-to-action are available to the visitor as they arrive on the home page: Our properties, Our open houses and Our collections where the team’s high-end properties are presented. A new, clear and uncluttered visual identity stands in stark contrast to the previous version in order to generate renewed interest among visitors who are familiar with this well-known team from the South Shore of Montreal. A presentation of the sectors covered by the team allows users to obtain valuable information on the quality of life in each sector and to discover the properties for sale. The blog naturally complements the information put forward by the team and reinforces the website’s natural referencing.
For more than 30 years, Marc-André Bourdon has been offering his services as a real estate professional with passion, integrity and efficiency. Whether it is for the sale or purchase of a property on the South Shore of Montreal, doing business with the Bourdon Team means opting for unparalleled service and results. Condominium, prestigious residence, house in Boucherville and throughout the South Shore or waterfront property: each real estate transaction is unique and that is why the team offers professional support that is truly adapted to the needs of its clientele.

Our work for Équipe Bourdon

Prestige Website

Creation of a website optimized for conversion.

Search Engine Optimization

Strategic positioning of the website according to the market

Visual Identity

Implementation of a unique visual identity for your website.

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Smart copywriting that captivates your audience.