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Équipe Christian Lalumière

Profitable synergy for buyers and sellers in montérégie!

A dynamic site, at the image of this team that brings a wind of change in Montérégie! It contains organized information and the light and uncluttered presentation of the website reflects the strategy and customer approach of Christian Lalumière and his team. The home page was adapted to emphasize the expansion of the market covered by the team by emphasizing the development of the properties and the detailed presentation of the neighborhoods served. There are also articles aimed specifically at sellers and buyers of this beautiful region.

Experience does not happen overnight! The Christian Lalumière team is the winning combination of several years of expertise of four professionals to serve you better. With the “Team” formula, Christian Lalumière has brought together complementary strengths and talents that define his vision: listening, availability, benefits and performance at the service of his clients. More than words, these are essential elements for the success of your project, whether you want to sell or buy.

Our work for Équipe Christian Lalumière


Website design optimized for conversion.

Search engine optimization

Strategic positioning of the website according to the market.

Design support

Personalized advice to reinforce branding on the website.

Copywriting and translation

Bold content that captivates your audience.