Équipe Donovan

A dedicated team

A relationship of trust that thrives and evolves with this third e-closion redesign for Équipe Donovan! With this renewal, in addition to benefiting from all the functionalities of the most recent version of e-closion, Équipe Donovan benefits from the addition of a section that allows them to perfectly showcase their prestigious real estate projects by including numerous photos, descriptions and documents. The site also features a Live Chat to facilitate communication with clients. Adapted to the existing brand image, the visual presentation has been refreshed by the adoption of a new, brighter coloring and a banner with an updated photo of the Team.

Équipe Donovan has been recognized for its commitment and the quality of its services since 1979. This team’s success is first and foremost a family story that began with Noëlline Donovan, an accomplished businesswoman and real estate pioneer, and continued with her son Tom who took over in 1997. Over the years, Équipe Donovan has become THE Real Estate reference in Quebec City. This team of real estate brokers whose hard work, rigor and human approach ensures an unparalleled real estate experience for each of its clients. All members of the team are personally committed to making each project a priority in order to make it a success.

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