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Équipe Donovan

Tom donovan team at your service

By renewing for the second time the image of Équipe Donovan, e-closion has given the website a touch of modernity. The latter, based on photography adapts easily to different mobile platforms and tablets. More than 70 properties are available and therefore easily accessible! Mortgage calculator, online evaluation and real estate alerts: the tools available for visitors make it easier to guide them in making decisions. The new Neighborhood section reveals areas where the team is well established.

Working in the National Capital Region under the RE/MAX banner, the Donovan team blends the energy of youth and the wisdom of experienced brokers to offer its clients a customized sales or purchasing service. Équipe Donovan is first and foremost a family affair, and when Tom Donovan takes over in 1997 from Noëlline Donovan, it’s with one idea in mind: to continue to offer a high-performance, dynamic service that has already made its proofs.

Our work for Équipe Donovan


Website design optimized for conversion.

Search engine optimization

Strategic positioning of the website according to the market.

Design support

Personalized advice to reinforce branding on the website.

Copywriting and translation

Bold content that captivates your audience.