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Équipe Lafleur-Davey

See beyond real estate

A brand new identity, including a logo and associated standards guide, highlights Équipe Lafleur-Davey’s values. Business card, stationery, wallet, magazines, pennants, signs and car: all the communication material has been reviewed to match this new visual identity. The website presents a large number of properties strategically placed on the home page and a new Home Staging section is now available. Finally, the site is responsive and optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Équipe Lafleur-Davey is a professional, efficient, available, young and dynamic team. They all have the same philosophy and priority: to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. Whether buying or selling a property, they will make every effort to have a hassle-free transaction that lives up to your expectations.

Our work for Équipe Lafleur-Davey


Website design optimized for conversion.

Search engine optimization

Strategic positioning of the website according to the market.


A business identity that sets you apart from the competition.

Copywriting and translation

Bold content that captivates your audience.