Équipe Masson

The team with more than one sale every 2 days since 2011

For this first collaboration with e-closion, Frédérick Masson was seduced by the Prestige Solution that provides several features that the competition does not offer, including a valuable description of the sectors in which the team operates. Each area sheet presents the location, every day life, advantages and points of interest along with photos. This informative page also includes the average price of the properties, the demographic data, and highlights the properties available in the sector. Team Masson’s fresh and inviting website has all the features that have built e-closion’s reputation. A special page was added to highlight the military reallocation expertise of the team in Valcartier.
Since 2005, Frédérick Masson has built a team of experienced brokers who, like him, give their best for each client. The Masson team brings together real estate enthusiasts who skillfully combine experience and energy to successfully face the challenges of selling or buying a property. Experts of their own territory, each member resides, lives and works in the RCMs of Jacques-Cartier & Portneuf and Haute-St-Charles. The Masson team joins forces to make your real estate dream come true while providing peace of mind every step of the way. 

Our Work for Équipe Masson

Prestige Website

Creation of a website optimized for conversion.

Search Engine Optimization

Strategic positioning of the website according to the market.

Visual Identity

Implementation of a unique visual identity for your website.

Copywriting and Translation

Smart copywriting that captivates your audience.