Équipe Sollazzo

The customer service rooted in the DNA of this family passionate about real estate!

After many years of collaboration, we have again the pleasure of working with Team Sollazzo. Developed from the Express Solution, the redesign includes custom sections featuring the personalized services offered by this # 1 team in Laval. We therefore find a marketing section offering unique and powerful tools, a section for income properties and another for impressive real estate flips! With a subtly felted visual signature, in black and white with touches of red, this second website proudly boasts a high-end professional appearance, in perfect accord with this team of experts.

Beyond being partners, Équipe Sollazzo is above all a family story. For Fabio and Madeleine Sollazzo, real estate is more than a career, it’s a real passion. Customer service is firmly anchored in the DNA of this dynamic team. With an expertise built over many years of experience, this powerful team has an enviable reputation based on the bonds of trust woven with their customers. Recognized for their success in the Greater Montreal and Laval regions, the team makes it a point of honor to carefully accompany each of its customers to achieve with them the ideal transaction.

Our work for Équipe Sollazzo

Express Website

Creation of a website optimized for conversion.

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Smart copywriting that captivates your audience.

Visual Identity

Implementation of a unique visual identity for your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Strategic positioning of the website according to the market.