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Joëlle Bitar

Satisfaction guaranteed – nothing less

This elegant website, composed of black, dark grey and a touch of red, clearly emphasizes Joëlle Bitar’s professionalism. We bet on her greatest strength by placing client testimonials on the home page, showing off her clients’ obvious satisfaction. Joëlle relies mainly on sales rather than purchases and immediately proposes free online evaluations. With its “international” section, she clearly stands out and holds a definite competitive advantage by displaying her properties across several international platforms. We managed her social media activities (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and have also prepared an email template, enabling her team to send newsletters at their convenience.

Positive and dynamic, Joëlle Bitar is a businesswoman who has quickly understood the workings of the residential and commercial real estate sector. She is also a graduate in real estate and tax law and has a solid background in business valuation and commercial leasing. This specialist in home staging and real estate negotiation has been an outstanding saleswoman for almost ten years. Joëlle Bitar speaks French, English, Arabic and Spanish, which gives her clients a real added value. Your property will be seen in more than 100 international websites, giving it all the visibility it deserves and opening the door to many more opportunities.

Our work for Joëlle Bitar

Social media

Creation and implementation of a dynamic and constant presence on the selected platforms.


Website design optimized for conversion.

Search engine optimization

Strategic positioning of the website according to the market.

Copywriting and translation

Bold content that captivates your audience.