Lafleur Davey Agency

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A continued collaboration between the Lafleur Davey Real Estate Agency and e-closion. Using the strong, contemporary and professional visual identity originally created for their agency and team sites, we have built for this successful agency a new, even more efficient site that regroups all of their activities. In addition to the “Neighborhoods” section, exclusive to the e-closion solution, which highlights the neighborhoods in which Lafleur Davey operates, this new Prestige version site has been personalized for their specific needs to include unique pages, including one for their contests.

Francis Lafleur and Kassidy Davey are passionate about real estate. Together, they founded the real estate agency recognized as the most dynamic in the Estrie region. They have surrounded themselves with professionals who share their vision of excellence and have built a talented team that is committed to exceeding their clients’ expectations. Each member of the team was chosen for their professionalism, dynamism and integrity, but above all, for their determination to make each client’s real estate project a success.

Our Work for Agence Lafleur Davey

Prestige Website

Création d’un site web optimisé pour la conversion.

Search Engine Optimization

Strategic positioning of the website according to the market.

Visual Identity

Implementation of a unique visual identity for your website.

Copywriting and Translation

Smart copywriting that captivates your audience.