Martine Deschesnes

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Real estate brokers everywhere on the south shore!

Developed around the well-established brand image of Martine Deschesnes, the site is a reflection of this dynamic team: professional and efficient. It presents the information in a well organized manner and includes effective tools at your fingertips. The highly graphical visual appearance, with large red and dark blue blocks superimposed on the home page, supported by carefully picked font weights, presents a modern and elegant appearance at a time. This website, part of the RE/MAX family, really stands out from the competition.

Équipe Martine Deschesnes gives you the advantage of working with professional and dedicated real estate brokers and an organized administrative team that offers you a pleasant, profitable and stimulating experience. Martine and her team give you more: more presence in the field, more efficiency and more cooperation. The strength of this team of experts is rooted in the involvement and solidarity of its real estate brokers who rake the entire South Shore and the Island of Montreal. Thanks to Martine’s undisputed leadership, they come together around a mission of excellence: to offer the best service to exceed customer expectations. This team puts all its energy together to help you achieve your dream.

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