Max Kleefford Bois

Go through your transaction without hassle! 

Max Kleefford Bois has founded his own real estate agency and collaborates for the second time with e-closion. To do so, we have updated his brand image. The logo created by our team during our first collaboration remains the same, but an update of the coloring and fonts brings a breath of fresh air to the new visual identity. In addition, the website has been completely revamped according to the latest version of the e-closion solution. Fully responsive, the site offers practical tools available to users as well as a blog. The administration of the site is made easier thanks to a simplified management interface that allows the broker to update the site himself.
With over ten years of experience and an excellent reputation in the field of real estate, Max Kleefford Bois is above all an outstanding negotiator. Thanks to a loyal clientele that he has built up over the years, he is now a major asset, whether for the sale or purchase of a property. Placing each client at the heart of his priorities, this real estate broker goes beyond their expectations thanks to a completely personalized service. Contacting Max Kleefford Bois is the beginning of a relationship based on trust for this great real estate adventure.