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Mélissa Blaise opted for the e-closion solution for the design of her new website, choosing the Express solution which met her needs perfectly. This solution enables her to present detailed property sheets directly from the Centris feed, simplifying the recurring task of updating them. In addition, the site offers relevant content for visitors in the ‘Buying a property’ and ‘Selling a property’ sections, as well as on its blog. It also incorporates forms such as property alerts and property market value estimates, centralising information while generating qualified leads. The “My Specialists” section highlights its network of contacts, while the “Testimonials” section illustrates the level of satisfaction of its customers. The website’s blue and white tones blend in perfectly with the RE/MAX banner with which Mélissa is affiliated.
Affichage de la page d'accueil de Mélissa Blaise
Affichage de la page d'accueil de Mélissa Blaise

Mélissa Blaise is a residential and commercial real estate broker with a Bachelor of Law degree and a diploma in notarial law from the Université de Montréal. With her background as a notary, she puts her expertise to work for her clients with dedication. She has an impressive career, having worked for renowned companies such as Couche-Tard, Rogers Communications and the STM, where she managed major real estate projects and transactions. In addition to her professional success, she takes pride in her personal journey as the daughter of Haitian immigrants, which has forged her resilience. Mélissa is also renowned for her empathy and availability, offering a personalised service based on attentive listening and an understanding of her clients’ needs, making her a valuable ally in complex contexts.

Badge Mélissa Blaise, Courtier immobilier
Capture d'écran de la page Acheter une propriété du site de Mélissa Blaise
Capture d'écran de la page Acheter une propriété du site de Mélissa Blaise
Capture d'écran de la page Propriétés à vendre du site de Mélissa Blaise
Capture d'écran d'une page de détail de propriété du site de Mélissa Blaise
Cartes d'affaire recto et verso de Mélissa Blaise

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