Team Drouin & Lévesque

Over 25 years of excellence and dedication

The Drouin & Lévesque Team collaborates for a second time with e-closion. The Prestige solution improves the performance of this new elegant website, based on a new brand image which uses its own color palette complementary to that of RE/MAX. It also provides the Drouin & Lévesque Team with all the performance tools to establish their place on the real estate market in Quebec City. Among these features, we find a real estate alert, a real estate estimate and a section specific to open houses. The Drouin & Lévesque website also presents their income buildings and all the neighbourhoods in which the team operates.
The success of your real estate project is the primary goal of the Drouin & Lévesque Team. Their customer service, built on active listening and availability, makes this team an essential choice in the real estate industry in Quebec City. The experience of Drouin & Lévesque, combined with a pronounced taste for innovation, makes it possible to offer their customers a network of reactive and rigorous professionals. No effort is spared in working with each client to achieve their dream.