Search engine optimization

Technical and strategic elements for increased visibility.

Improve your search engine optimization and rank above your competitors

Every little detail has a significant impact on search engine positioning, especially in the competitive market of real estate brokerage. Our optimization service includes the identification of relevant keywords, a comprehensive review of your content and the improvement of certain technical features on your website to meet search engine requirements.

Keyword audit

Target the territories covered by your activities and identify the competition to overtake! We will then define the strategic keywords to integrate into your website to boost visibility opportunities.

Rewriting and content optimization

In harmony with the tone and style of your business identity, we review the text content of your website to incorporate the elements essential to your SEO.

Internal linking

Search engine optimization includes compliance with several technical parameters. Our team of professionals master these concepts, diligently integrate them into your website and stay ahead of the various updates to ensure continuous optimization.

Strategic recommendations

In order to adopt best practices and remain competitive under all circumstances, choose certain competitors to watch. We then keep an eye on their activities and develop strategic recommendations to perfect your web presence.

Submission in specialized directories

Benefit from additional visibility through a presence on the various specialized web directories for real estate brokers. We dedicate time and effort to integrate your services on these sites, all the while improving the quality of your SEO!

Why choose this service?


Experts keep track of every opportunity for improvement.

Continuous optimization

A website complacent with each of the Google updates.

Competitive intelligence

Keep an eye on the positioning of your competitors.


Professionals take care of the technical subtleties.