Web writing and social media communication improvement.

Develop performing content

Our training is aimed at real estate brokers who want to improve their writing techniques to create quality content for social media publications or their website. These skills make it possible to take full control, or participate effectively, in the strategy put in place by our agency.

Writing blog articles

In order to create a real impact on your search engine positioning, a structured blog post finds just the right balance between keyword density, relevant use of titles and optimal identification of images. Learn how to share your expertise, attract potential customers and build your leadership on the real estate market.

Writing for social media

This training introduces elements that promote maximum exposure on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Real estate brokers will develop optimal writing techniques to stimulate audience growth, active engagement and unmatched reach.

Why choose this service?


Write with confidence the content of your website and social media publications.


Adopt best practices to do efficient writing.


Offer your audience personalized and unique content.


Participate jointly with our agency in the development of your content.