Équipe Blais & Quirion

Your partners in a successful transaction

Équipe Blais & Quirion used the Express solution from e-closion to create their new website. This solution makes it possible to quickly put a website online that offers all the functionalities needed to perform well and enhance their image as real estate brokers. The content of the property sheets is managed directly by our solutions through the Centris feed and requires no extra work. It also offers relevant content for visitors in the “Becoming a homeowner” and “Sales strategy” sections, as well as on the blog. Forms such as the Real Estate Alert and the Property Value Estimate centralize information and generate qualified leads. This is the second collaboration between Kryzalid and the Quebec City agency m, which created the brand image for Équipe Blais & Quirion as well as for Gabrielle Germain.
More than a team of brokers in Quebec City, Alexandra Blais and Vincent Quirion are first and foremost accomplices in their clients’ projects. They share their experience and professional advice with efficiency and transparency. Alexandra Blais is passionate about sales and results. She is known for her inspirational leadership, organizational skills and professionalism. As for Vincent Quirion, he has everything it takes to be an excellent real estate broker. He has 12 years of experience in the field, charisma and a very friendly and human approach. Équipe Blais & Quirion has the complementary strengths to accompany its clients at every step of this important transaction.

Our work for Équipe Blais & Quirion

Express Website

Creation of a website optimized for conversion.

Search Engine Optimization

Strategic positioning of the website according to the market.

Visual Identity

Implementation of a unique visual identity for your website.

Copywriting and Translation

Smart copywriting that captivates your audience.