Équipe McDougall

Our team will make the difference!

Primordial for standing out, the logo has been completely reworked: a strong and easily identifiable symbol, found on the business cards and presentation folders created by e-closion.

On the website, the home now focuses on visual. Red and black take precedence and stick to Équipe McDougall’s identity. In addition to the large number of properties available, a “new projects” section has been put in place. Finally, the whole site has been built to be responsive and perfectly accessible on mobile and tablets alike.

The McDougall team focuses its work around many core values in negotiations such as respect, integrity, openness, mutual aid and perseverance. One thing is for sure, when you choose to do business with Équipe Mathew McDougall, you are sure to make a real estate success beyond your expectations.

Our work for Équipe McDougall


Website design optimized for conversion.

Search Engine Optimization

Strategic positioning of the website according to the market.


A business identity that sets you apart from the competition.

Copywriting and translation

Bold content that captivates your audience.