Équipe Étienne Lessard

One of the best performing teams in quebec city!

We have the privilege of maintaining a relationship that evolved nicely with this RE/MAX team. This new version of their website is a reflection of the proactive approach and efficiency that have made the reputation of one of the most successful teams in the Quebec City area. On the home page, the visitor is seduced by a full-screen photo that instantly set the tone. Users can search properties as soon as they arrive on the website, simplifying user experience, and then can move on to the interactive map that presents the properties by locating them geographically. The new RE/MAX blue, supported with the use of black, gives an elegant tone to this platform that also includes a “Real Estate Projects” section. This section presents residential sectors with similar characteristics to strengthen the offer. The blog, touching on a wide variety of relevant topics, creates a synergy for SEO.

Here is a proactive team that offers personalized and diligent follow-up, relevant advice and quick results that meet your expectations. Selling or buying a property is an important step and you deserve all the attention and expertise of a team that is human, involved, efficient and ready to do anything to satisfy you. Étienne Lessard literally fell into the world of real estate when he was a kid. Indeed, his parents were RE/MAX real estate brokers. He was initiated very young and quickly got the job. Guided by their experience, his career in the field has rapidly evolved and now allows him to put all his expertise at the service of his clientele. A lawyer by training, his father taught him the need to secure the transactions of his clients. Étienne Lessard has been practicing this profession for more than 15 years. Over time, he has surrounded himself with people who are like him and share the same values. He has built a team that is fully committed and out-going to make your experience optimal.

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