Social media for real estate brokers

Active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Optimize your presence on social media

Used wisely, social media represents real opportunities to shine for real estate brokers. A comprehensive strategy and a thoughtful presence on the various platforms are excellent ways to promote your service offering and maximize your potential to reach a maximum number of qualified clients.

Creation of corporate accounts

Our professionals are perfectly familiar with the unique requirements of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. To start your activities on social media, entrust us with the development of a dedicated strategy and the deployment of corporate pages on the different platforms that you want to exploit.

Standardize your image

Each social network has their own set of rules and templates for images and banners. To ensure a perfect result, we tweak your profile and banner photos around those standards.

Community management

In order to take full advantage of the potential of social media, real estate brokers need to be active on a regular basis and establish stimulating communication with their communities. We search for content relevant to the real estate sector, developing visuals and writing publications to reinforce your position as a true leader in the industry.

Join a qualified audience

Among 2.19 billion users, your buyers are probably on Facebook. Then again, you still need a strategy to target a maximum of qualified buyers! Do you want to join the business community of your territory? LinkedIn brings together more than 900,000 professionals in Quebec. Want to take advantage of the potential of Instagram and reach the 40 and under crowd? We assure you a quality presence on social networks in line with your business objectives.

Why choose this service?


Consolidate your leadership with an active presence on all fronts.


If you want more autonomy, we take care of your training.


No need to master all platforms, experts do it for you.


Present your services to an audience relevant for your business goals.